Beyond Your Weight Program Testimony-

 Andre P.

I recently applied the principles from Laying Aside Every Weight to my life. I entered the class with the desire to receive from spiritual discipline and not as much so from the nutritional discipline. In the first class and on I realized by the light of God's Word that I needed to address some, nutritional and physical things which are also spiritual, things like over-eating. Not drinking enough water and eating too late at night was present in my life. I literally wept at the lack of attention that I had given to certain things as these but quickly rejoiced in that I could implement changes. Right away I began to drink 6-8 glasses and or bottles of water per day and after a week or so I got more into eating smaller portions and more fruit and vegetables. Some days were a struggle and or a fight, yet I have the victory and we are still gaining good results and life benefits, which also benefit my wife and children; even my functioning in and around the things of God, and at work. At first regarding the water, I had to push to drink more than a few glasses, now I have a natural desire to drink water. This is good as healing takes place in the presence of water. For several years I was dealing with acid reflux, after several weeks in the class, I noticed that I was not fighting this problem at night. Since I was not eating a meal before bedtime there was no longer the back flow up my throat of acid and or undigested foods. This was an uncomfortable situation that caused loss of sleep and rest and strain on my body. I believe the increased intake of water helped me with this also. My endurance began to increase as I did not feel like I just had to take a nap mid-day to make it through the day. I realized increased productivity and personal sales this past Christmas season. We gave glory to God for my learning of problems and situations in my life that I did not realized existed or that I had allowed to take hold on my life over the years. Approximately at Phase 6, in the program, Breaking Traditions, I had to take suit pants to my tailor to be taken in several inches. Last year I bought multiple new suits, as I was moving the wrong direction in enlarging around the waist, we are now moving in a good direction. It is good not to feel out of breathe from just walking up several flights of steps. All in all I am very thankful for my church and Cathy Harris for giving this class Laying Aside Every Weight. I am going to continue to renew and review the materials, always. I believe a great cloud of witnesses many believers would benefit from the rich teachings and anointing godly instruction. Jesus wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. Thank you and God bless you!  

submitted by Andre D. Phillips

Harris Ministries International