Beyond Your Weight™ Program 
On-Line Program

Our Online Program is easy and user friendly, anyone can use it. The only equipment necessary is a computer.

BYW Online is great for those of you with busy schedules or who don't live in range to come to our Topeka, Kansas live class session.

​Equipment Needed

You will need the following to fully participate in our Online Classes (webinars):

A computer with an Internet browser to connect to the visual portion of the class. However, you do have the option to just call in by phone and listen to the class without visual connection.
High-speed Internet access (broadband)
A phone to dial into the audio portion of the seminar and/or speakers on your computer.

How to Register for BYW Online.

* If you only want more information about our online program and/or would like to register for our free BYW Online Program informational session please go to our Informational tab and fill out the required form and indicate you want the online informational session. 

So go ahead and make that click the next step to you experiencing a Total Life Transformation. 

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