Thank you Cathy Harris Ministries.

"I had a desire to lose weight for over a year, but that was as far as it got – just a desire.  I never seemed to be able to get started.  I didn’t want to go on a diet, but wanted to make a lifestyle change that would last." 
J.C. (read entire testimony)

"Since I have changed my eating lifestyle I know that the weight will stay off.  This class has been a blessing to me and I highly recommend it to anyone desiring to lose weight."  
 CKC (read entire testimony)                              

"I recently applied the principles from Laying Aside Every Weight to my life. I entered the class with the desire to receive from spiritual discipline and not as much so from the nutritional discipline. In the first class and on I realized by the light of God’s Word that I needed to address some, nutritional and physical things which are also spiritual…, things like over-eating," 
Andre P. (read entire testimony)

"This program wasn't about physical weight loss for me. I'm pleased, humbled and proud to share that I've not only completed my book but I've also completed a second book and am now working on a business plan! I truly feel that if I had not been a part of Beyond the Weight, I'd still be stuck."
LaTasha S. (read entire tesimony)

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