Beyond Your Weight Testimony- 


Laying Aside Every Weight has been a tremendous help to me in my quest to lose weight.   My daughter and I needed to lose weight and when we attended this class  it helped us to see that in order to lose weight we needed to discipline ourselves and change our eating lifestyle.  We now eat much smaller portions, drink more water and do not eat after 7:00 p.m.  We drink very little soda pop and when we go out to eat, we share an entrée.  We eat whatever we want, but just in smaller portions; therefore, we do not have cravings for certain foods.  I exercise on my treadmill for thirty minutes four to five days a week.  In five months I have lost eighteen pounds and my goal is to lose twelve more pounds.  Since I have changed my eating lifestyle I know that the weight will stay off.  This class has been a blessing to me and I highly recommend it to anyone desiring to lose weight.          

submitted by CKC~

Cathy Harris Ministries