Here's my testimony...God gave me a book idea about seven years ago. Through the years, I've had every intention of completing the book and finishing what I had started. Intentions mean nothing without work! Upon starting this program, my book was still a mere file on my computer, a few words jotted on papers in various places and a great idea. When I first logged on to the webinar, Auntie (you all know her as Cathy but I know her as my Auntie) said, "This year, give up on giving up!" These words resonated in a way with me so much that it ignited the fire inside of me to reach my goals. I've always worked at my physical weight. Thankfully, I've found a formula that has worked for me and I've been able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This program wasn't about physical weight loss for me. I'm pleased, humbled and proud to share that I've not only completed my book but I've also completed a second book and am now working on a business plan! I truly feel that if I had not been a part of Beyond the Weight, I'd still be stuck. I was catapulted into action and even when I wanted to return to old habits, I was so convicted that I couldn't sleep! My Auntie also spoke about broken commitments and integrity. She said that when you break a promise or commitment to yourself, you're creating a pattern. I hadn't spoken my dreams to many people aloud for many years because I didn't want to be held accountable to what I had said, but in actuality, I needed to hold myself accountable. I had made a promise to myself and that was as good as making a promise to God. I felt that if I hadn't carried out these tasks, I would dishonor what God had given me and stall the journey to my destiny. I've learned through Beyond the Weight, that I am powerful enough to hold myself accountable and that I'm worthy of whatever promise I've made. I've shed the weight of waiting! I've shed the weight of broken promises to myself and procrastination! I feel so blessed to be connected to such a powerful woman of God and I could never say thank you enough Auntie! Thank you for listening to your call and submitting to God's will. Through you, I've been able to do things that started as seemingly impossible. The intangible has become tangible and I've become victorious! To everyone in the program, be encouraged and don't quit. Hard work does pay off. I'm living proof!

Ms. LaTasha Q. Sandidge, RN

Harris Ministries International